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    Beginners v. old hands: not all e-cigs are equaly easy to start with. Hands down the best way to start with the e-cigarette is to start with the most convenient, most well- known, most tested, and most available e-cig on the market.

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ePuffer Starter Kit Review

ePuffer Starter Kit
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After one recent party a friend left the ePuffer electronic cigarette at my place. So I asked him whether I could borrow it and he told me he had nothing against me using it. I was really trying to cut down on cigs, because my daughter was turning 3 years old and she kept asking why daddy smoked when it was bad for him. It really broke my heart to hear her say those things, so my friend leaving them there was truly a great coincidence. There were still 3 cartridges and an extra battery in his case, I knew I was good for a little bit so I started immediately. This ePuffer was the Super Mini model which was pretty small.

EPuffer electronic cigarettes are so good that they can remove almost all the negative aspects of the real tobacco smoking. As we know, tobacco contains tar, arsenic and plenty of carbon monoxide, which all are not just harmful for the smoker but for the people around the smoker as well. There is so much negative publicity surrounding smoking, that most public places have banned smoking in their establishments. While 20 years ago, smoking played a big part in socializing, nowadays it is really hard for smokers to deal with constant estrangement from their peers.

After I explained to my daughter what an electronic cigarette was and she was very happy and told me that the tiny smoker thing was fine by her. I want to be able to grow old, without being half an invalid and see her get married and have kids one day. Traditional tobacco cigarettes just won’t allow me to do that. With the e-cigs I can “light up” anywhere I want to, even if there is a large no smoking sign right there. The only thing that comes out of the electronic cigarette is the vapor which is caused by liquid hitting the air within the cigarette.

I would definitely recommend the ePuffer and the ePuffer coupon code to everyone out there trying to quit smoking. Whatever your reason for wanting to stop, this is absolutely one of the healthiest ways to do it. Stop wasting money on gum, patches and pills and just satisfy your nicotine cravings without putting your overall health at risk. I am sure that others with children and grandchildren want to grow old just as much as I do.

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What do you get?

  • 1x
    (15.4cm / 6” long)
  • 2x
    Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x
    Mains Charger
  • 1x
    Power Lead
  • 5x
    Regular cartridges .

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Posted by: marybline | March 1, 2012

My husband had been smoking for more than 40 years. He had some health problems lately and I wasn't able to make him stop smoking. So I bought him epuffer e-cig starter kit. He took it quite well. He doesn't want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, but he is mixing them with e cigarettes. Currently he is on 10 tobacco cigs and one epuffer cartridge. It is some improvement and I hope it stays this way.

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Posted by: bethany | October 2, 2012

Okay, I bought greensmoke, blu and epuffer. Epuffer is cheapy, works well, not too much vapor, not too much battery life. Blu is nice, taste is not my cup of tea, but taking everything into a consideration, it is not bad at all. And finally, Greensmoke: I must say finish looks best of all three, really smooth like real cigarette paper. Greensmoke produces the most respectful amount of vapor of any e cig out there, hands down. It doesn't leak e juice and it tastes really good.

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Posted by: bline29 | October 21, 2012

I am sorry, but epuffer is not steaming, for the better word, as well as GreenSmoke. I tried both and for me epuffer is modesty itself. Battery is OK, though, and it will last a whole day. As well, once in, say three cartridges, I would get a little bit of e liquid in my mouth. Not pleasant, but it doesn't happen too often.

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