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SuperSmoker Electronic Cigarette

SuperSmoker Cigarette Starter Kit
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  • SuperSmoker Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
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SuperSmoker is definetelly our the most favourite electronic cigarette when it comes to a good looks. In my eye at least, that golden ring gives it a class. SuperSmoker was one of the first electronic cigarettes to appear on UK and US market, back in the early 2008, much before Gamucci Micro and Nicocig. As an exclusive product, SuperSmoker cigarette quickly found its way to the top of the retail chain and it is still being sold in the Harrods, London.

SuperSmoker actaully passed the scientific tests and it has been legaly classified as "Generaly Recognised As Safe" (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration in US. Toxicological tests caried by the Royal University of Leuven found SuperSmoker to be harmless to public health. SuperSmoker is certified to European ISO 9001-2000 standard as well and all the spare cartridges come from Germany. It is not frequent for electronic cigarette manufacturers to publically provide the reports about analyses of their products and SuperSmoker is not shying away from demonstrating its good reputation.

Celebrities smoking electronic cigarettes.

Kevin Federline(Left) Leo Dicaprio (middle) Nikki Reed (right).

At a first sight, if you've seen the Super Smoker cigarette smoked by somebody in a restaurant or hotel lobby, you would have a hard time telling the difference between this electronic cigarette and the regular tobacco cigarette. Most users report that SuperSmoker handles very well and that the general feel is similar to that of ordinary 'analog' cigarette.

There is no secret to how SuperSmoker works. The operational priniciple is the same as one for the Gamucci Micro or Gamucci Clasic cigarettes. When smoker inhales, juice with diluted nicotine is vaporized in the atomizer and vapor containing suspended particles that include nicotine or any aromatic ad-ons is passed into a smokers lungs. From that point, smoker is not inhaling anything that had been burnt. Most of the vapor is just ordinary water vapor and the only carcinogenics substance present is the nicotine itself. But the level of the nicotine particles in the electronic cigarette, like SuperSmoker or Gamucci or Nicocig, is several orders of magnitude less than nicotine level in the classic tobacco cigarette. Its possibly worth noting that ordinary tomato contains some nicotine, as well.

When smoker exhales, nicotine stays in his lungs and just a water vapor comes out, in a form of a mist. For onlooker, the whole process looks the same as if smoker is smoking ordinary cigarette. From point of the smoker, the whole process is much healthier than classic tobacco based smoking.

Three DSE901 cigarettes in a row

Three different DSE901 cigarettes shown for comparison.

Ordinary tobacco cigarettes burn the tobacco ingredients, so they produce a heavy tar containing some 4,000 cancerous ingredients. That is why smoking the electronic cigarettes, like SuperSmoker, is so much healthier, and furthermore that is why e-cigarettes are permitted in public places. Not that they are less harmfull for the smoker, they produce no second hand smoking at all.

When you get Super Smoker electronic cigarette starter kit, you get some free cartridges. Each one of those replicable cartridges is equivalent to between 15 and 20 conventional tobacco cigarettes. Battery will usually last about a day of ordinary smoking, but that can vary from one person to another. Simply, some people are used to smoking ten cigarettes a day, while others can not rest without at least twenty cigarettes. If you think that you belong to the latter group of more intensive smokers, than you should definitely consider getting an additional spare battery. When battery is on its last legs, the red LED light will start blinking.

Super Smoker, in the same way as Gamucci Micro or NicoVap, offers several grades of tobacco flavored cartridges. While Gamucci cartridges would last same as about 15 to 20 fags, SuperSmoker cartridges will produce equivalent of about 5 smoking hours. In spite to what every marketing rep out there is trying to say, electronic cigarettes do not taste like real cigarettes. For starters, e-cigarettes are much weaker, they only have 10% of nicotine, so they can not taste same way. But, when you are sitting inside a pub or restaurant with your friends and you do not want to interrupt socializing and go out to smoke, they are definitely the right solution.

According to the current legislation, SuperSmoker is not deemed to be an aid for smokers who want to quit. It is rather classified as an recreational device that only reduces the amount of the inhaled cancerous substances and is thus healthier option than tobacco cigarettes. In essence, electronic cigarettes like SuperSmoker and Gamucci NicoVap or Micro, will not kill you as quickly as tobacco cigarettes, but in a much slower way since they contain only 10% nicotine in comparison with the real tobacco ones.

SuperSmoker is an excellent way to legally smoke in public places, like night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms etc. If you liked this review, please have a look into other reviews of the similar electronic cigarettes, like: Gamucci Micro, Gamucci NicoVap, Nicocig Plus and Nicocig.

Product Features back to top

  • Legal for smoking enclosed public spaces.
  • Healthier to smoke than ordinary tobacco cigarettes.
  • Batteries last similar to between 10 to 15 ordinary cigarettes.
  • Spare cartridges come in boxes of 5.
  • Cartridges are convenient for topping up with smoking liquid.
  • Smoking liquid is available separately, not included with this starter kit.
  • Coloured LED in the front lights up when you inhale, to show that you are smoking on an electronic device.
  • Electronic smoking is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women, if you are under the age of 18 or if you are alergic on tobacco.

What do you get?

  • 2x
    Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x
  • 1x
    PCC Charger Case + Mains plug
  • 1x
    USB charging lead
  • 5x
    Tobacco Cartridges

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E-Cigs.co.uk is a UK based importer of electronic cigarettes. For the past 12 months the team behind Gamucci have been product testing and researching the viability of a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and are currently manufacturing a number of ground breaking electronic smoking devices. Gamucci products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of Gamucci have a vision of helping to create a smoke free environment around the world by offering clean smoking without tobacco, tar and the thousands of other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.


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