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GAMUCCI NicoVap Starter Kit

GAMUCCI NicoVap Starter Kit
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Smokers should be relieved to know that burden of remorse that their unhealthy habit had brought onto them, is no more. Gamucci Ltd. had brought out e-cigs with vitamins. Yes folks, smoking is now a whole lot healthier and we can even puff into the face of those angry anti-smoker journalists and tell them: "Inhale deep, it is just vapor with vitamins."

Media hype aside, NicoVap juice contains some vitamins, but I am not sure do they get passed to the vapor. New package looks good and it is followed by refreshing advertising campaign from Gamucci. Bringing the vitamins into e-cigs was maybe a good marketing move, but it will not make electronic cigarettes much healthier than they already are. Electronic cigs do not burn anything, although they still taste good enough.

Couple smoking electronic cigarettes.

Socializing with electronic cigarettes.

Gamucci's NicoVap stepped into brave new ground with introduction of vitamins. NicoVap refill cartridges contain vitamins diluted in water. This enriched juice has some vitamin A, B1, C, D, E with Green Tea extract. Green Tea extract is really healthy, because it is sort of cleaning fluid for the cardiovascular system. If you are on the way to slowly quit smoking, than it is not bad idea to maybe mix NicoVit (with nicotine) cartridges with a proper dose of JustVit (no nicotine) refills. If zero nicotine cartridges do not make you restless, than this combination is quite step forward for your health..

As with all electronic cigarettes, the solution that you are inhaling is simply water based and all that is produced is just water steam. With electronic cigarettes, like Gaumucci NicoVap, there is no danger of second hand smoking. So if anybody (reasonable) complains, just show him blue LED light on the tip and you should be free to continue.

Gamucci NicoVap has built in safety circuit that will shut the e-cig for about 8 seconds, should smoker suddenly draws too many inhalations too quickly. That is mostly there to prevent any accidental misuse, but there is no danger of nicotine poisoning with these devices.

Electronic cigarette vapor trail.

Electronic cigarette vapor trail.

Vaping through a tiny electronic device brings some new challenges, like for example, atomizers do not last very long. Few months at the best. That is why Nicocig Plus now gives atomizers for free, with every new box of cartridges. Even worse, some of old e-cig models do leak juice through the atomizer. That is certainly not the case with new NicoVap, that has completely redesigned atomizer unit. But noticeably, manufacturer's guarantee covers the atomizer only for 3 months and the Lithium Ion battery only for 6 months. If you smoke 15 cigs per day, atomizer will last you something like equivalent of 1,000 cigarettes, while battery will heat up the juice for the equivalent of 2,000 cigs.

Effectively, in a medium term, electronic cigarette manufacturers now consider the atomizer (vaporizer) as a semi-consumable part, good for about 50,000 inhalations.

The operation of NicoVap is intuitive enough: you take it out of the box, charge it for about 3 hours and you are ready. The first time you try to inhale cigarette will automatically turn on and the blue LED light in the front will lit up. If it happens that blue LED light starts flashing, that means that battery charge is low and you need to plug it back into the wall mains. Depending on your smoking style, one battery charge might last you a bit less than a day. If you are fast pace smoker inhaling quickly some short draws, than you certainly need two batteries to take you through the day. If you are somebody who goes for long slow draws, than you might be all right with just one battery recharge per day.

Remember, there is no ON / OFF switch on the NicoVap, just inhale and e-cig will turn itself on.

Product Features back to top

  • An e-cigarette that can be safely smoked in public places.
  • Inhale nicotine juice, exale only water vapor.
  • Smoke almost whole day with just one battery recharge.
  • Large choice of refill cartridges, from Zero to High Nicotine, with and without vitamins. Regular (16mg Nicotine), Light (11mg Nicotine), Ultra Light (6mg Nicotine) and Non (0mg Nicotine).
  • Each NicoVap refill cartridge can last same as 15 regular cigarettes.
  • Coloured blue LED tells you when cigarette is working and what is the state of the battery.
  • Smoker only exales vapour, which evaporates in seconds.
  • Simple recharging through wall mains, with included UK plug. USB charger optional.
  • You should be over age of 18, in order to smoke electronic cigarettes.
  • Electronic smoking is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.

What do you get?

  • 1x
    Gamucci NicoVap Electronic Cigarette,
  • 1x
    Rechargeable Batteriy
  • 1x
    Mains Charger, with 3-pin UK plug
  • 1x
    USB Power Lead,
  • 5x
    Regular cartridges. ( each one is equivalent of 15 traditional cigarettes ).
  • 1x
    Carry Case,
  • 1x
    User manual.

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Company Information back to top

Gamucci Ltd is a London based manufacturer of innovative electronic smoking products. For the past 12 months the team behind Gamucci have been product testing and researching the viability of a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and are currently manufacturing a number of ground breaking electronic smoking devices. Gamucci products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of Gamucci have a vision of helping to create a smoke free environment around the world by offering clean smoking without tobacco, tar and the thousands of other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.


Posted by: EliotKurbit | September 6, 2011

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Posted by: rotherdam | December 1, 2011

To say that I have wasted more regular cigarettes than I smoked to the end, would be an understatement. So many times I would lit up a cig to have somebody tell me "You still have one in ashtray". With e cigs, if you are interrupted, you do not throw the whole cigarette away ... and my place smells much better ;-)

3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: TedWasHere | December 18, 2011

I went to Birmingham, for Gadget exibition and got ther NicoVap at Gamucci's stand.

The first couple of weeks it was good, cigs really felt as if I was smoking regulars, I got my throat hit and it all tasted fine. But now the smoke had all but run out and I there is no taste to it, so I might be back to regular smokes soon.

2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: rethink | December 28, 2011

I went through couple of different e cig makes before I settled for a NicoVap. It has a better throat hit than ones I tried before.

3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: Who | May 4, 2012

My partner hates the fact that I smoke due to reasons of his own. House smells a bit, it is bad for my health and his, and so on. As a matter of fact, we quarreled over that so many times that I started looking around. I was reviewing all the kits but he purchased Gamucci Nicovap starter kit for me on impulse. I kind of half thought that e-cigs will suck, but I've seen three people smoking, in a pub in London, on the same day, so I thought to give it a real go.

7 of 8 people found this review helpful.

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