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NICOCIG Ruyan Plus+ Starter Kit

NICOCIG Plus+ Starter Kit
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What is new about Nicocig Ruyan Ryan Plus Starter Kit? This electronic cigarette had been upgraded in order to extend smoking time and the amount of smoking juice. Nicocig Ryan had made a new, smaller atomizer, which allowed more room for a new battery. Bigger the battery and more juice equals to more smoking pleasure. Few more holes were added to battery which will enable a vapor to be thinner and easier to inhale. This improvements make Nicocig Ryan Plus a real design miracle, possibly comparable to unbelievably compact mobile phone.

In the new Nicocig Ruyan Plus design refill cartridges now can hold equivalent of around 15 cigarettes or between 170 to 220 inhalations, depending on the way you smoke. That means that smoker needs only take one small cartridge to replace him or her equivalent of a whole packet of tobacco cigarettes. Average smoker in US smokes about 14 cigarettes per day, so for the most of regular smokers, just one cartridge per day would be enough. The design of Nicocig Ryan Plus refill cartridge had been changed to prevent cartridge leaking, which was common problem with early models of electronic cigarettes.

Man smoking

Man smoking an electronic cigarette.

In order to provide customer with more choice, Nicocig manufactured a range of refill cartridges that came in a set of different Nicotine concentrations, going from Zero Nicotine cartridge to High Strength (12mg). Every box holds 4 refills, while each refill contains enough juice extract to last a typical smoker an same as 15 traditional cigarettes. This means that box of 5 cartridges can provide smoker with total smoking supply same as 75 ordinary cigarettes. Not only that one has to carry around just one little packet, as opposed to four cigarette packets, it works out 80% cheaper too. Please, refer to the smoker's savings breakdown on our home page.

There are four different Nicocig Plus cartridges, with Nicotine taste, but in different amounts of nicotine, from 0mg Zero to 12mg High Strength. Nicocig Plus refill cartridges had been redesigned so that mouth piece texture feels more like that of the common cigarette.

Unfortunately, from real life experience, we know that electronic cigarette atomizers loose their efficiency over the time and are prone to burning out. The novelty that Nicocig Ryan had introduced with Nicocig Plus model is that it will be giving FREE replacement to all their customers. That means that each time you buy a box of Nicocig Ryan Plus cartridges, from any online or offline retail outlet, you'll get a spare atomizer for free.

Smoking in public places

Smoking in public places around US and Europe.

Ryan Nicocig Plus+ cartridges contain only nicotine, without any tobacco, tar or other specific cancerous compounds. Each box of Nicocig refill cartridges contains 4 refills. Each Nicocig Ryan Plus+ Starter Kit comes equipped with one spare battery. With all electronic cigarettes the vapor that is exhaled is mostly a harmless mixture of water steam and nicotine. Practically e-cigs, like Nicocig Plus, make for odorless smoking that does not affect other people who do not smoke, while smoker has the same feeling as when smoking classic tobacco cigarettes. It is the best of both worlds, a same taste as when smoking for real, without any risk for passive smokers.

With Nicocig Plus, when battery runs low the LED light in the front of a cigarette, starts flashing and that means that it is time to plug the cigarette into a wall socket. Ryan Nicocig claims 3 hours as a charging time for the battery, but in our test with brand new Nicocig Ryan Plus, we found that approximately two and half hours was enough to reach the full charge. Short charging time is a good new, particularly if you know that if you completely forget to charge the e-cig, it can be ready in for few vapor draws in less than an hour.

Nicocig Plus is very similar prodcut to Gamucci NicoVap electronic cigarette.

Product Features back to top

  • Redesigned battery with longer time between charging cycles.
  • Each refill cartridge last approximately same as 15 tobacco cigarettes.
  • Free atomizer included with each box of refill cartridges.
  • Blue LED light in the front of the cigarette.
  • Only water vapor exhaled, without any harmful substances.
  • Nicotine refill cartridges available in four strengths: 0mg, 4mg, 8mg and 12mg.
  • Recharging via ordinary power mains.
  • Easily can be smoked in all the public places where tobacco cigarettes are prohibited.
  • Electronic cigarettes should not be used by minors, people under the age of 18 and pregnant women.

What do you get?

  • 1x
    Nicocig Plus+ electronic cigarette
  • 1x
    Spare Battery
  • 1x
    Power Lead with UK Plug
  • 2x
    Velvet Carry Case
  • 4x
    Regular cartridges with 12mg Nicotine. ( each one is equivalent of 15 traditional cigarettes ).

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Gamucci Ltd is a London based manufacturer of innovative electronic smoking products. For the past 12 months the team behind Gamucci have been product testing and researching the viability of a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and are currently manufacturing a number of ground breaking electronic smoking devices. Gamucci products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of Gamucci have a vision of helping to create a smoke free environment around the world by offering clean smoking without tobacco, tar and the thousands of other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.


Posted by: Veteran | January 9, 2011

I use the old Evo cigarette atomizers and refills and I get tons of vaping from them. I bet you that old Intellis' Evo has more juice than any of those Nicocigs. Although some of the flavors I tried were lovely, particularly medium nicotine 8mg.

Intellicig sells wholesale trade packs of all of its stuff, any one of us could become an Intellicig-Evo dealer!

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Posted by: ric07 | November 26, 2011

The latest grapevine is that Boots is going to store them in their shops. At least, at the time of writing, Nococig Plus is not available at Boots website. Has anybody seen the new Nicocig Ryan Plus in the shops?

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Posted by: Timbo | November 30, 2011

I am getting used to my Nicocigy, I got mine from garden.co.uk. Three days after it melted in my hand. garden.co.uk exchanged it no problem and I am talking about the new. The old design was leaking liquid into my mouth when vaping a lot, garden.co.uk told me that is just a teething problem and it will be corrected in a new Plus model.

I tried it with refill cartridge out, drawing directly from atomizer, that works good, but stronger hit.

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Posted by: Squire | December 7, 2011

They're claiming the battery should keep you smoking most of the day and a spare refill will be the same as around 15-20 tobaccco cigs. I take it that's bs from what I've heard? Maybe Nicocig is better looking than some other, but it is much more expensive.

I have yet to find an e-cig battery that lasts all day. It is generally that you need 2 batteries for a full day. And the cartridges are more like 7-8 cigs. Honestly, I would try to buy some juice for topping up cartridges and dripping.

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