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MILANO Cartridges

MILANO Refill Cartridges
  • MILANO Cartridges #1
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Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes Gamucci NICOCIG Electronic Cigarettes NICOCIG Milano Electronic Cigarettes Milano

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Milano provides choice from Regular Strength Nicotine, Low Strength Nicotine, Mint Flavoured Nicotine Free or Chocolate Flavoured Nicotine Free refill cartridges. Each refill pack comes with three cartridges.

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  • Tobacco Flavour - Light,
  • Tobacco Flavour - Regular,
  • Chocolate Nicotine Free Flavour,
  • Mint Nicotine Free Flavour,
  • Number of restrictions apply to this product. Please refer to the vendor's site for more information.

What do you get?

  • 1
    Each pack containts 3 refill cartridges, in the flavour of your choice.

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Posted by: Tolstoy | August 14, 2010

A sad truth is, this has no Bluetooth, no WiFi, it can not be plugged into Internet, it doesn't make videos, it doesn't send texts, no GPS either, nor ringtones. All e-fag does is it makes you just puff about. Take a protip, this gadget is doomed, methinks.

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Posted by: Steven Shotsky | November 20, 2010

I smoked electronic cigarettes in a pub, on a plane, ath a birthday party and in the Club lounge of the channel ferry. While, I must say that not everybody was happy and I had some explaining to do few times, ordinary tobacco cigarettes do not come with a green light in front, don't they. Puffing at home didn't make my flat smell of fags either. There is hardly any nicotine left in a vapour when you are exhaling.

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Posted by: Marc Whitehead | December 14, 2010

I've been selling electronic cigarettes for two years now, and I had an amazing response form customers. They are lot better for your health than a traditional cigarette.

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