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GAMUCCI Micro Refill Cartridges

GAMUCCI Micro cartridges
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Gamucci Micro electonic cigarette cartridges come in packs of 5 refills. They are supplied in a range of four strenghts, combined with six different flavours. Strenghts go from the Regular (16mg nicitone), Light (11mg nicotine), Ultra Light (6mg nicotine) and Nicotine Free (0mg). Some flavours, like Tobacco and Menthol, are combined with nicotine cartridges of the four different strengts. Other flavours, like Apple, Cherry, Peach and Turkish Delight are served in the Regular or Zero nicotine strength cartridges.

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  • Nicotine strengths: Regular (16mg), Light (11mg), Ultra Light (6mg) and Nicotine Free (0mg) in two flavours Tobacco and Menthol.
  • Flavours like Apple, Cherry, Peach and Turkish Delight, provided in two nicotine strengths Regular and Zero nicotine.

What do you get?

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    Box of 5 refill cartridges, according to your choice of strength and flavour.

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Gamucci Ltd is the largest UK manufacturer and distributor of electronic smoking products. They supply electronic smoker starter kits, refill cartridges and replacement parts, like spare batteries and car chargers for thir kits.


Posted by: gareth | September 17, 2010

Whole point is a lot of pople are against any type of smoking, no matter how do you do it. Also, wouldn't these electronic fags encourage folk to try regular ciggies? Add to that the actual fact they have not been tested on humans makes me anxious. Would you agree to take say a hangover pill that had not been fully tested ? I thought not.

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Posted by: Timothy | November 8, 2010

Gareth, please read what the devices do.

No nicotine is put in the atmosphere for others to inhale. Nicotine isn't 'bad' for you in the same way as the smoke produced from burning tobacco.

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Posted by: Anka | March 21, 2012

Cathy Bissell / One thing that electronic cettrigae customers are not really given by each individual manufacturer is choice. The manufacturer will typically have one, or two at best, starter packs featuring the electronic cettrigae they are selling and that's pretty much it. The only other options a customer is typically given involve the flavor and strength of their refill cartridges. Premium are a company flying in the face of this conventional wisdom and the result is a very impressive and highly customizable product. Not only do they offer a whopping 20 different flavors, their cartridges also come in 5 different strengths. This product really comes into its own though when you consider that Premium allow customers to pick and mix their components in order to tailor starter package. The basic kit comes in two forms, the PR110 and PR111, the PR111 comes with a longer lasting battery than the PR110. Now you can also choose whether you want one or two batteries supplied with each package depending on your budget. In addition to this the company offers their batteries in 8 different colors, as well as different colored carry cases that can house up to two batteries and two cartridges. All in all with all the possible combinations Premium electronic cettrigae customers can choose between 6 different starter kits so that all budgets are catered for. To add to this impressive list of choices Premium also sell a one-time-use disposable electronic cettrigae they call the PremiumOne. This retails for around $14.99 and allows customers to test the Premium product in order to assess whether they are happy with it before they make a further commitment to ordering one of the starter packs. As is this all wasn't enough. The company also offers an electronic cigar for all the cigar smokers out there currently not allowed to smoke in their own homes by their spouses! All in all Premium bring choice and value to the electronic cettrigae market like never before, along with a thoroughly well researched and quality product.

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Posted by: michael | March 22, 2012

If there is any nicotine in those products then they should not be allowed indoors especially in pubslic places.

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Posted by: Morph | April 4, 2012

Was given this as a gift and has turned out to be the best gift I have ever received. I have gone from 40 - 50 cigs a day, right down to 5 - 10 cigs. All I use of the micro cartridges is one a day to a day and a half. Was in hospital for 2 weeks and it was a life saver. Much better than the patches.

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