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GAMUCCI Premier Disposable

GAMUCCI Premier Disposable
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The Gamucci Premier Disposable is delivered charged and ready for use, right out of a box. This product provides a smoker with nearly 600 puffs or a similiar amount as 40 ordinary tobacco cigarettes. The only available strength, for the Premier electronic cigar, is either High or 22mg of nicotine. There is a green light on in the front, to prevent confusing this product with a tobacco cigar.

Rechargeable and disposable electronic smoking devices, like Gamucci NicoVap or Gamucci Premier, equal each other in the economy of the smoking. Only real difference is practical side of those devices. Rechargeable devices need constantly to be recharged and thus one has to worry about how much charge is left in the device. Sometimes one even has to cary wall mains charger with himself or herself, just so that he/she doesn't run out of the charge. Such problems do not exist with disposable cigars, because they carry enough charge and liquid for even whole week of smoking.

Unlike a nicotine gum or the nicotine patch, the e-cigar actually functions much like a regular cigar. However rather than burning and smoking, it vaporises a liquid inside the cartridge. The nicotine hit is still delivered to the lungs, but in vapour form, rather than smoke which contains all the cancer causing toxins.

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Product Features back to top

  • This electronic cigar comes in one standard Cuban Tobacco flavour,
  • Provides smoker with approximately the same amount of smoking as 40 ordinary cigarettes,
  • no flame - no tobacco - no tar solution,
  • Green LED in front,
  • This product can not be recharged,
  • For restrictions in use, please check the vendor's site,

What do you get?

  • 1
    The starter kit includes: Gamucci Premier disposable electronic cigar
  • 2
    re-sealable cap.

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Company Information back to top

Gamucci Ltd is electronic smoking solution manufacturer based in London. Several of their products are patented. Company's goial is to produce healthy alternatives to smoking tobacco.


Posted by: Dan Beckemeyer | January 2, 2011

I find Gamucci Premiere Cigars quite useful and I carry two at any time, one in a jacket, one in the glove compartment. I do smoke them only in the car, when I am driving to work. I have quite a long ride to work and I do easily get stuck on North Circular in London.

I still feel embarrassed to smoke in office or in a pub, but I guess on the motorway it is quite ok ;-)

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Posted by: Ian Torwald | March 4, 2011

I originally bought Gamucci Micro Starter Kit and it was quite ok. I got myself Gamucci Premiere almost in a jest, because I couldn't find refill cartridges anywhere at one point. So I have both now. Here I am, becoming an Gamucci connoisseur.

Gamuccci electronic cigar and cigarette taste somewhat different, but it is difficult to explain why. It is not a big difference. With Premiere cigar you need to have quite a big mouth and one needs to draw a bit harder. But it last quite long, the one I had lasted five days, before it was finished.

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Posted by: tick-tock | July 24, 2011

I do not like those Gamucci Premiere. Full Stop.

Real fags are the best.

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Posted by: tomtom | March 4, 2012

Good points:

I liked the flavour, it can be smoked in a pub. Actually I bought this one in a pub. There is enough charge in the battery to enbale puffing away for more than a day. One doesn't need to carry cigarette lighter, I always forget one.

Bad points:

A bit heavier than the electronic cigarette and certainly heavier that the traditional cigarette. Costs more than 2 packs of cigarretes, that is supposed to replace.

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