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NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
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  • NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette
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The simple to use NICOCIG™ Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit uses advanced microelectronic technology enabling smokers to rediscover smoking.

It contains no tobacco, tar or any of the 4,000 chemicals found in an ordinary cigarette, yet delivers nicotine to the body in exactly the same way . Yes, it gives smokers the nicotine hit that they so often crave, without the harmful side effects of tobacco.

Nicocig contains only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco scent and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. The vapour like smoke that is released from the Nicocig is made of condensation that evaporates into the air within seconds, not unlike the functioning of a humidifier. Nicocig leaves no visual residue in the air.

What sets a Nicocig electronic cigarette apart is the large choice of refill cartridges and accessories. Refill cartridged are provided in packs of 6, each providing equivalent of between 8 to 10 traditional cigarettes. So one packet of refills is the same as nearly 60 tobacco cigarettes.

Inhaled nicotine is over 98% absorbed, the exhaled ‘smoke’ is propylene glycol vapour without the nicotine and any exhaled mist dissipates into thin air within seconds. Without the gaseous products of combustion, the ‘smoke’ is not harmful to bystanders. The ‘smoke’ or mist is not tobacco smoke and not product of combustion, thus no second hand smoking.

Man taking a look at an e-cig

Man taking part in an electronic cigarette survey.

Nicocig Starter Kit competes very well with Gamucci products, becase of its ease of use and favourable price. Particularly noticable is the lagre choice of Nicocig cartridge flawours and range of accessories for recharging the cigarette battery in the car. The last accessory, the e-cig battery car charger, is not available for other makes. This is the reason while Nicocig Starter Kit is popular with prominent UK online retailers like Amazon.co.uk and PrezzyBox.com.

If you want to be safe with your choice and have a product with what you will be completely satisfied than Nicocig Starter Kit is the definite choice.

Nicocig is an very exciting product. Even though there are some people who believe that even e-cigs should be banned from the public places, one can dismiss them as complainers who possibly just do not like looking at a people smoking. Baning electronic smoking just because some people do not like smokers, in general, would be the wrong way to legislate. Vaping a harmless product like Nicocig Starter Kit e-cig, doesn't endenger anybody else except the e-cig smoker himself.

If you tried cheaper models of electronic cigarettes and found them wanting, than trading up for Nicocig Starter Kit can be a right step. Many people opt for bying a cheaper products on various internet auction sites, but often these products have unsatisfactory performance, like short cigarette battery life, inadequate cartridge capacity and no aftermarket service. When one considers that he or she will be making an 80% money saving relative to ordinary tobacco cigarettes, than one can make a smart choice and opt for long term, with a quality product like Nicocig. We would certainly recomend the FREE postage service from Amazon.co.uk, where postage is free for all the ordered items.

on cauch smoking e-cigs

There is no second hand smoking effect with e-cigs.

Purchasing Nicocig Starter Kit from the Amazon.co.uk has the added benefit of being able to order a set of spare Nicocig refills, flavored or un-flavored, depending on the individual taste.

Although it is battery operated, Nicocig rechargeable electronic cigarette, feels pretty much the same in hand like the ordinary cigarett. Obviously it is quite a bit heavier and ith has LED light in the front, but these two things would not prevent user quckly becoming comfortable with the product. Once battery charge and one refill would be enough for a whole day of smoking, for the most smokers. This way, if you plan to smoke while you are at work or traveling to the work, you can feel safe that Nicocig electronic cigarette will not suddenly loose a charge.

The most satisfactory features of this product are, on the end of the day, that it is economical, legali in the public places, it feels the same as classic tobacco cigarette, it doesn't create second hand smoking problem and it is producing no burned tar byproducts that would harm the smoker.

Product Features back to top

  • Full range of different refill cartridges: zero to high nicotine (16mg), Menthol flavour, mixed with nicotine or nicotine free,
  • Can be recharged via USB or car charger. These are additional accessories, not included in the starter kit,
  • LED in the front shows when electronic cigarette is working,
  • Legal to smoke in a most public places,
  • Although not included as standard, USB charger is available for this product. So you can charge your electronic cigarett off your laptop,
  • Some restrictions apply, please check the vendor's site.

What do you get?

  • 1
    The starter kit includes: Nicocig electronic cigarette
  • 2
    1x spare rechargeable battery,
  • 3
    Mains Charger
  • 4
    Power Lead with UK Plug,
  • 5
    velvet carry case,
  • 6
    Six Nicocig tobacco flavored refill cartridges.

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NICOCIG LTD 251 Holly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9LE t: 0121 382 2200 f: 0121 382 8899 mail@nicocig.co.uk Registered in England & Wales 6622136


Posted by: linker | December 4, 2009

I can get my nic hit without after effects of smoking ( like lung cancer, heart disease - those kind of things ). Been smoking for 40 years and tried everything to quit but I never really wanted to! I'll stay addicted to nicotine forever but I know that I don't like tobacco!!

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Posted by: trevor maldon | January 10, 2011

I got a Nicocig Kit about three months ago and I can not report any issues with it. I did loose the original box, and I am regretting that since it comes in a very nice packaging.

4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: Mary White | February 23, 2011

I was lucky enough to compare Gamucci and Nicocig micro cigarettes. They are very similar, almost the same, but would say that I prefer Nicocig, because it comes with two batteries and it has a bigger choice of refill cartridges.

I bought car charger for Nicocig kit and since I sometimes have to sit one hour in a traffic jam on the way to the work, as well as coming back, at least I now can fully charge the e-cig.

5 of 8 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: Nicolas Robinson | June 17, 2011

I noticed it first on Amazon.co.uk, when I just typed "electronic cigarette" into the search box. A friend of mine had this same Nicocig model, so I thought to have a go. Nice thing about the Amazon is that you pay no postage. That way it comes really cheap.

I ordered Nicocig 5 regular refill cartridge sets, as I understand that one cartridge would last about a day. So far that seems to be right and I do spend about a cartridge a day.

It is a pity that one can not refill those cartridges, like some other electronic cigarette models can do. I tried fiddling a bit with refilling, but on the end I thought it is not worth it.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful.

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Posted by: RetroEmo | January 5, 2012

My grand-grand-father smoked a lot wole his life, I mean really lot. He died from pneumonia, when he was something like 90 years old. Smoking is not bad for everybody. I have one of those cigs, that you need to plug into a wall, so to say. Smoking time is not great, one cartridge gives you about 15 drags.

When I received my first e-fag, it was a faulty one to start with. After I got replacement it turned out to be OK.

4 of 11 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Posted by: Rey | March 2, 2012

I received starter kit today and to be honest, I have mixed views of this product. The taste is a mixture of sweet and spicy and I'm not particularly fond of it, but in any case, it does it's job.

The vapor itself is very good, it does look like a cigarette smoke, but the product itself is very bulky, pretty much like every other e-cig on the market.

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Posted by: Otis45 | April 22, 2012

They make them look really small in the ads, but they are actually around 50% thicker than a super king cigarette, therefore making it feel bulky and heavy in your hand, which I personally do not like.

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