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Jan 11th, 2013

Care Free Vaping on Holiday.

Care Free Vaping on Holiday

Traveling with E-Cigs is not a walk in a park, as manufacturers would like you to believe. But it can be done, if you come prepared. Although, in theory, electronic cigarettes should be permitted in many public places, in reality they would attract unwanted attention from the inquisitive officials.

One of e cig vapers on the forum recently reported this horror story, that happened on her way to vacation in Rome, Italy. Herself and her partner were just passing through regular check at airport security, when TSA officer spotted her GreenSmoke cigarette. He asked her what it was, and when she answered that it was an electronic cigarette, he just laughed and chucked it in the bin! No need to say that what was supposed to be a romantic holiday, started with humiliation, before she even left the country.

So, what can you do to avoid hustle with officials? There are several tried and tested steps which many trovelers used with success. One 100% foolproof method, although expensive, is that you simply mail electronic cigarette, charger and cartomizers to a hotel in which intend to stay. E-cigarettes show up on the X-ray machine, so there is no way of hiding them. Make sure that you unscrew the battery from the both atomizer and juice cartridge and that you simply put them into a tray, for the TSA's officer to see, with your car keys, spare coins etc. Airport security may still want to swab them, but nowadays they swab laptops and cameras as well.

Funny Yellow Passenger Deck.

Funny Yellow Passenger Deck

Unfortunately, e-cig marketing literature is mostly overestimating the freedom with which one will be able to smoke electronic cigarettes in public spaces. Despite electronic cigarettes being obviously different from tobacco cigarettes, they are mostly unvelcome in waiting languages of airports. You either need to find some quiet corner, where you'll be out of sight or simply put up with having to vape in a toilet. Maybe that sounds bad enough, but at least you are having a draw and adapting to the situation. Most airline had banned e-cigarettes on their planes, so you'll have very little power when it comes to negotiation with a carbine crew.

What makes traveling with e-cigarettes possible is sticking with the letter of law. At a time of writing this article, one can travel with e-juice as long it meets the regulated amount of 100ml. E-juice needs to be contained in a branded bottle that is clearly labeled. Make sure that bottle is in a clear plastic bag supplied by the airport security. It should not be problem going through security. At most, they will ask you what it is and maybe run a swab test to make sure it is not an illegal drug or chemical. If you need more than 100ml of e-juice, we recommend that you put in your checked luggage. As with all liquids that travel in checked luggage, it is best to wrap it really well so it doesn't spill all over your clothes and ruins your holiday.

On a recent trip, I noticed someone vaping whilst waiting for the plane at the boarding gate. He got a few stares but most people were asking about the E-Cig and all seemed really interested in what it was. Since I vape e-cigs as well, we started a chat and it turned out that all these people actually knew about e-cigs and just wanted to know how happy was he with his one and what make it was etc. So for the return journey, I started to feel much more comfortable with using the my Green Smoke cig. I think, the more people who are aware of the vapers and the more people who understand that it is not damaging to those around, the better we can all feel using these E-Cigs.

On the end, two main things to remember: ensure your carry on e-cig battery is fully charged the night before and check your e-juice is sealed tightly in a zip lock baggy.

Bon voyage from E-Cig-Bargains.com's team.

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