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An electronic cigarette is made up of: battery, atomizer, refill cartridge and a LED indicator in the front. The heart of the e-cigarette is the atomizing device, which heats up the Propylene Glycol vapor from the refill cartridge. Propylene Glycol is a harmless substance, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, broadly used in medicine, food and cosmetic industry. If you would like to put your mind at a rest, regarding Propylene Glycol, please follow this link to the Wikipedia article.

Electronic Cigar Diagram

The vapor inhaled by the smoker of the electronic cigarette contains nicotine. 98% of this nicotine is absorbed by the smoker's body, thus other people around the smoker are not exposed to any airborne nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide. In this way, electronic cigarettes eliminate effects of the passive smoking.

Electronic Shown while Recharging

The front end of the e-cigarette contains a LED light, usually red, green or blue and a rechargeable lithium battery. In a public place, blue or green LED tip makes it obvious, that you are not smoking a tobacco based cigarette. The battery normally needs to be recharged after around 35 to 55 smoking sessions, depending on the individual smoking habits and model of the e-cigarette. It takes only between 3 to 4 hours to fully recharge the battery, and you can interrupt this process at any time, if you wanted a quick puff away.

In order to simulate the effect of burning a tobacco based cigarette, the LED indicator lights up when the e-cigarette is inhaled. While one is inhaling there is no burning inside the e-cigarette, only the heating up of a liquid containing nicotine and atomizing. The end result is that there is no tar and no carcinogenic substances produced.

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