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Google Trends for Electronic Ciarettes
Google Trends Graph for "electronic cigarettes"

Electronic cigarettes market is still in its early days, with plenty of growth potential ahead of it. Google Trends chart, for the search phrase "electronic cigarettes", clearly shows a strong trend pointing upwards. Solid fact is, that more than 300,000 people, on an average month, are looking for information about e-cigs. Electronic cigarette companies are so keen to recruit new affiliates, that some of them are actually paying new affiliates, up to $25, just for signing up. The best news is that one doesn't even need to be very technical or have a website to start earning. The marketing methods that work well are video reviews, articles, guest blogging and web2.0 blogs like eHow.com, Squidoo.com etc. Write few articles or shoot few review videos and you are in. Of course, if you want to get serious, you can start a blog and use good old SEO or media buying advertisements to promote it.




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