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  • What are Your Vaping Pet Hates?

    Vaping e-Cigs doesn't come without a difference in opinions. We made a collection of reactions from different people in e-cig smoking communality.

  • Old Folks and E-Cigs.

    There are many older people that have had great results from vaping with e-cigarettes and here are some of the benefits.

  • On Holiday with E-Cigarettes.

    Traveling with E-Cigs is not a walk in a park, as manufacturers would like you to believe.

  • BluCigs Makes it Easy for Beginners

    Beginners v. old hands: not all e-cigs are equaly easy to start with. Hands down the best way to start with the e-cigarette is to start with the most convenient, most well- known, most tested, and most available e-cig on the market.

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Celebrities caught smoking e-cigs

Robert Pattinson(Left), Leo Dicaprio (middle), Katherine Heigl (right).

For the first time we have to complain about paparazzi not doing their job as we expect from then. Beside an enormous and constantly growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, only a handfull of celebrities were caught smoking e-cigs.

Now, only conclusion we can draw is that either celebs are not serious about quitting or paparazzi are spending too much time inside, doing too much paperwork.



Disposable and Rechargeable Kits Compared

Data shows that smokers hesitate between the rechargeable, like Gamucci Micro or Nicocig Plus and disposable Gamucci Elite electronic cigarette starter kits. But they are essentially the same and offer the same economics of the electronic smoking.

A typical consumer will always prefer to spend his hard earned money on a product whith longes usefull life. But, although this is understandable, that attitude can be misleading. Disposable electronic cigars, for example Gamucci Premier, usually last so long, that they are definitely equal or even better than rechargeable electronic cigarettes. How long is no exact science, because there is so much difference between the individual smokers and their smoking style, that is difficult to be exact.

Some seasoned smokers report continuously using the same disposable cigar for up to 8 days. A typical rechargeable cigarette, for example Gamucci Micro will only last up to a day and if you are really intenisve smoker you'll have to recharge a spare battery as well. With a typical disposable cigar, like Gamucci Elite or Premier you'll never be late for going out because you were waiting for a cigarette to recharge itself.

Practically, that means that if one is going for a 2 week holiday, you would need to bring no more than just two Gamucci Elite cigars. You even can forget about wall plug compatibility in a foreign country. In stark contrast with that is the complicated arrangement that an rechargeable electronic cigarette smoker need to prepare. He would need to take not just six boxes with refill cartridges, but power charger itself and additionally he would need to worry about foreign power mains plug and socket compatibility.

Another advantage of the disposable cigarettes is that they are excellent for a beginer who is new to a whole field of electronic smoking. One can just start with disposable cigars, like Gamucci Elite, to test the water and se for himself weather it is something he wants to continue with.

So yes, next time you are purchasing your electronic cigarette, give a serious consideration to the disposable electronic cigars.

Tax saving - avoid huge tobacco tax

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are subject to a raft of aggressive smoking restrictions and a somewhat excessive 77%* tobacco duty ( in 2008 ). This situation has lead many smokers to turn to a new product called the electronic cigarette.

As it turns out, electronic cigarettes offer several advantages over conventional smoking. One of these advantages is a reduction in the cost of supporting the smoking habit** on the long term basis, mostly because there is no tobacco duty included in the cost of electronic smoking.

Tobacco Cigarette Price Structure

77% Tobacco Tax, 23% Cost after tax.

Legal in public places

The electronic cigarette is a revolutionary new product that is legal in all the public places where conventional smoking had been banned. With Gamucci or Nicocig you should not have any problems smoking in pubs, restaurants, public buildings and public transport. As electronic cigarettes do not produce an open flame, they are deemed safe for use in areas where conventional cigarettes would create a fire risk.

As common courtesy applies also to electronic smoking, one still has to deal with people who are not informed about the difference between the tobacco and electronic cigarette. But, that should not be a serious cause for concern as electronic cigarettes only produce harmless vapour that contains no tar, nor any other harmful substances.

Electronic cigarettes are recommended for smokers who find themselves socially or professionally, in non-smoking environments.

Smoking in public places.

No tar with a cigarette taste

Absence of tar, carbon monoxide and over 3,000 other harmful substances, is the main difference between e-cigs and the traditional tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarettes, deliver high purity atomized nicotine enveloped in aromatic vapour, so that they still taste the same as tobacco cigarettes. When one draws on an e-cigarette the tobacco craving gets satisfied with a nicotine hit, but without the intake of carbon monoxide or other harmful substances.

In a similar way to nicotine gum or nicotine patch, with e-cigs smoker reduces a discomfort that drastic interruption of the smoking habit would produce. On the other hand, unlike nicotine gum or patch substitutes, electronic cigarettes still make one fill like he or she is actually smoking, since one is holding a real glowing cigarette in their hand and inhaling an aromatic vapour.

Electronic smoking offers additional choice of flavored, reduced nicotine or even nicotine-free refill cartridges. With flavored or nicotine-free cartridges, your smoking habit becomes harmless to people around you, with no risks of second-hand or passive smoking.

Recommended for smokers who want to smoke in a healthier way and cut down or slowly give up smoking.


80% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes

E-cigarettes work out cheaper, weather you just want to cut down on smoking or completely replace ordinary cigarettes.

  Table - Electronic Cigarettes Table - Tobacco Cigarettes
Cost £0.83 per cartridge
Each cartridge is equivalent
to 15-20 ordinary cigarettes,
or 'pack-a-day'.
£4.2* per pack of 20
Daily cost £0.83** £4.2
£24.9 £126
£299 £1,512
Saving 80.2%  
  • * - average cost per pack of cigarettes, in UK, according to Action on Smoking and Health
  • ** - cost per cartridge with Nicocig Cigarette Cartridges pack of 6 cartridges, at £4.95
  • *** - And yes, you do not need a cigarette lighter, just in case you are tired of loosing them!

Recommended for smokers who want to have more money available in their pocket.



The Hill 200903023

23 March 2009 - The Hill reports that US senators battle over the destiny of electronic cigarettes. Several House Republicans have used electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking.

BBC 20081008

8 October 2008 - BBC NEWS, Today, in the article titled “Fears over electronic cigarettes” BBC’s staff reporter investigates the new product.

ITV 200805028

28 May 2008 - Today, ITV's resident doctor, Dr Chris Steele, said on ITV's "This Morning" program that he tried electronic cigarettes on a couple of his patients, in Manchester, with very positive results and that he thinks that electronic cigarettes are real alternative to ordinary cigarettes.

But e-cigarettes are not for you if:

  • you are under 18,
  • you are allergic or sensitive to nicotine,
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • If you have any health condition for which the doctor recommended to avoid smoking real cigarettes,


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